What makes ‘Defining Moments Pack’ so special? Sneaker packs are something the sneaker community has a love-hate relationship with; we love to see sneakers being retried or finally released at all; we hate that we have to pay so much extra when generally we only want one of the two sneakers.

But packs don’t look like they’ll be going away and Jordan Brand is a big reason for that. The best Air Jordan pack that ever created was the first, the Defining Moments pack (DMP). This year, these are expected to be released on December 9th for retail which was a long waiting for fans since its announcement. 

Air Jordan First-Step Development

Defining Moments Pack
Defining Moments Pack

In 1997, Jordan Brand and Nike decided to let the Air Jordan line operate 100% independently. It was a bold decision that showed the strong belief Nike had in the brand. The decision was probably heavily influenced by the fact that at the time it was widely believed that the ‘97-98 basketball season would be Michael Jordan’s last. Nike had to do something gigantic to let it be known to the consumer that the Jumpman logo wasn’t going away and that it was here to stay.  

Jordan Brand was more than accepting and understanding of the fact that it was built on the back of the most beloved athlete in history. To survive separately from Nike, they would need talent from the sports world to endorse their company’s products.

The first group of athletes to join Jordan Brand included basketball stars Vin Baker, Eddie Jones, Derek Anderson, Michael Finley and Ray Allen. At the time all of those players were young stars with bright futures ahead of them in the NBA. They all had a strong competitive nature and skills sets that were electrifying to watch. The youthful group also personified elegance on and off the court. That collection of players, known as the “Class of 1997,” were the embodiment of what the Air Jordan name stood for.

Defining Moments Pack
Defining Moments Pack

For its first 13 years of existence Nike’s Air Jordan Brand was completely reliant on its namesake to keep it alive and flourishing. Michael Jordan’s magnificent basketball career established the line of shoes and clothing as a sales juggernaut. The designs of the shoes were always top shelf but would anyone care about those designs if “His Airness” didn’t dominate the NBA in them? Nike and Jordan Brand understood, and probably feared, the idea that one day MJ would have to retire permanently from the game of basketball. Despite Michael returning twice from retirement, he did eventually step away from the game for good. What would become of Jordan Brand? 

Nike was of course responsible for giving birth to the Air Jordan series, but from the start Nike tried to let its creation have its own identity. The Air Jordan II, for example, was revolutionary at the time for not including the famous Nike Swoosh anywhere on the sneaker. While that design independence made the Air Jordan line stand out, it also made it difficult to market without the help of its rock star endorser.

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The Birth of Defining Moments Pack: What Is Defining Moments Pack?

Defining Moments Pack
Defining Moments Pack

The concept of an Air Jordan Package was first introduced in 2006, and what an introduction it was! Releasing in January of 2006, the first ever two-pair package of Air Jordans was called the “Defining Moments Package” which was a tribute to Michael Jordan’s greatest moments as a professional basketball player

The Nike Air Jordan 6/11 Defining Moments Pack celebrates two Michael Jordan iconic moments. The Air Jordan 6 was worn by Jordan when he led the Bulls to victory against the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1991 finals, while the Air Jordan 11 was used against the Seattle Sonics in 1996. 

1991 was a landmark year for both Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls organization. Jordan earned his second MVP trophy for leading the Bulls to a then franchise-best 61 wins and a first ever first-place finish in the East division. Jordan steamrolled through the Eastern Conference and trumped the defending champion Detroit Pistons en route to his first NBA Championship, beginning the winning legacy that Michael Jordan defines. Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan VI during his victory against the Lakers, in which he executed the famous lay-up in which he acrobatically switched hands in mid-air.

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Late in the 1995 NBA Season, Michael Jordan returned to the game of basketball after a short retirement. In his first full season as an un-retired player, Michael Jordan led the Bulls to an NBA record 72 season wins and won his fourth overall championship – the first of another three-peat. The Air Jordan XI was the weapon of choice during the ’95-’96 season, and until today it is considered one of the greatest sneakers of all time. 

The release of the ’91/’96 Defining Moments Package was limited to select stores and came with a MSRP of just over $300. Due to availability, some packages sold on eBay for as much as $1,000. That number may sound absurd, but a deadstock pair of the Air Jordan XI and the VI demanded $350-450 per pair at the time. To this day, the original Defining Moments Package remains above $600 in resale value. The DMP is arguably the best Air Jordan release of the 21st Century and served as a precursor to the inundation of great Jordan packages in the following years.

What Makes ‘Defining Moments Pack’ Special? Here Are The Reasons

Michael Jordan’s career can be remembered in a number of ways, but what we all associate with his name is his collection of championship rings. Since calling it quits for good in 2004, sports reporters and basketball historians have always wondered just how long the Bulls dynasty could’ve reached. Could they have won in ’94 and ’95, or in ’99 and ’00? Quite possibly, but the Jordan Defining Moments Package was created to celebrate what he had accomplished rather than wondering what opportunities were missed.

More Than A Release, It Was Moment of Tribution

Defining Moments Pack
Defining Moments Pack

In 2005, a year after Michael Jordan officially ended his playing career, word started to spread about a unicorn of a sneaker release. At that time, the Air Jordan VI and Air Jordan XI were the two most popular Air Jordans – more so than the Air Jordan 1 and even the Air Jordan III. It had been half a decade since Jordan Brand put out either shoe on store shelves, so to release both as part of a package didn’t seem possible. It seemed out of Jordan Brand’s realm of concern.

Then the ‘Defining Moments Pack’ was released. As DMP photos first published, it was quickly understood that the Defining Moments Package was more than a shoe release – it was a necessary and appropriate tribute to Michael Jordan done in a way that pushed the envelope and forced the industry to step up its collective game. It was a history lesson in shoe form and it shifted the public perception of Jordan Brand from a company hinging on old products to one that uses the past to educate the future.

‘Defining Moments Pack’ Design Brings Both Emotional and Physiological Reactions For Fans

Defining Moments Pack
Defining Moments Pack

For this release, Jordan Brand introduced a two-tiered package design housed in a metallic gold outer shell with the Jumpman logo, 91, and 96 minimally detailed on the box. It simply was unlike anything we’ve ever seen and although the element of surprise was lost thanks to all those leaked photos, it was still a sight to behold. On January 28th, 2006, the Defining Moments Package finally hit stores for $295, a price that was more than double anything out on the market. By today’s standards, that’s a bargain.

This pack features two iconic silhouettes that pay homage to Michael Jordan’s championship-winning moments. The Retro 6 comes in a sleek black and metallic gold colorway, while the Retro 11 features a white and metallic gold colorway with patent leather accents. Both shoes are crafted with premium materials, including leather and suede, for durability and comfort. 

The inner shell of the box opens like a book, revealing two distinct images of Michael Jordan in flight. On the left is Michael’s iconic mid-air hand-switch against the Lakers in 1991, a play that was unnecessary in the scheme of the game, but significant in planting himself as the most dominant player in basketball. From that moment on, no player or team in the NBA could check him. It wasn’t that Magic and the Lakers began to look old – they were being rendered obsolete.

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Defining Moments Pack
Defining Moments Pack

By this point, this “unboxing” is clearly not what you’d expect. It doesn’t start and end with opening a box lid. It forces you to sit back and be reminded of the greatness of MJ. This Defining Moments Package is not a run-of-the-mill sneaker release – it’s an experience that only true Jordan fans could appreciate. 2006 was a barely ripe era for social media and YouTube was completely devoid of “unboxing” videos. The best photos out there were shot with digital cameras boasting nothing more than 3.2 megapixels. It’s unfortunate that some self-proclaimed Jordan fanatics have never seen these in person.

Those images of Jordan in ’91 and ’96, shot in black and gold with his surroundings completely blurred out, act as protective covers for the shoes. They are lightweight rather prone to bends and scratches, but easily lift upwards to reveal the true prize inside. The shoes, wrapped in a durable white paper, sit dormant like a diamond ring does inside a Tiffany’s box. The plastic covers are a little something we added to further protect the shoes from contamination. Gotta keep ’em crispy, at all costs.

Defining Moments Pack Interesting Stories Behind

Defining Moments Pack
Defining Moments Pack

There is some real history behind these shoes, and Jordan Brand made sure to make a lesson out of it. Up until that point, most Air Jordan re-issues came with a postcard briefly detailing the history of that particular shoe. These were affectionately dubbed “retro cards”, and more often than not, it had to be included with the shoe to make it complete. For the DMP, Jordan Brand took it a step further and created an accordion-style booklet that, with the metallic gold finish, gave it the appearance of an unearthed relic.

This wasn’t the first time Jordan Brand went far and wide to include some inserts like this booklet. Just a couple of years ago, the newly unveiled Air Jordan XVII came with its own booklet and CD. The Air Jordan XVIII had a brush to ensure proper care for the suede. The Defining Moments booklet was far more elevated in that it reflected the luxurious nature of the shoe while telling a story of Jordan’s greatest career accomplishments, which is something Jordan Brand does a bit too freely nowadays.

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FAQ: About Defining Moments Pack

Defining Moments Pack
Defining Moments Pack

What are the key features of the Defining Moments Pack Jordan 7?

The Defining Moments Pack Jordan 7 is a celebrated release by Jordan Brand that combines two iconic Air Jordan models, the Jordan 7 and Jordan 13, in a single package. This pack is known for its premium materials and unique colorways.

What makes the Defining Moments Pack 6 stand out in the world of sneakers?

The Defining Moments Pack 6 features a unique combination of two Air Jordan models, the 6 and the 11, with special colorways and detailing.

What is the connection between the Defining Moments Pack WWE?

The Defining Moments Pack WWE is a crossover collaboration between WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and sneaker brands like Jordan. This collaboration often involves creating limited-edition sneakers inspired by iconic WWE moments or legendary wrestlers.

How does the Defining Moments Pack Jordan 1 differ from other Jordan releases?

The Defining Moments Pack Jordan 1 often features special colorways and design elements that symbolize key moments in Jordan’s journey, making it a popular collector’s item among sneaker enthusiasts.

What is the significance of the Defining Moments Pack in the Air Jordan collection?

The Defining Moments Pack in the Air Jordan collection is a special release that brings together iconic Air Jordan models. It is often associated with key milestones in Michael Jordan’s career and showcases exclusive color schemes, making it a sought-after choice for fans and collectors.

What’s the story behind the Jordan Defining Moments Pack 13/14?

The Jordan Defining Moments Pack 13/14 is a tribute to Michael Jordan’s championships with the Chicago Bulls. It combines the Air Jordan 13 and 14 models in special colorways to honor these milestones in Jordan’s career.

How does the Defining Moments Pack Air Jordan 1 celebrate Michael Jordan’s legacy?

The Defining Moments Pack Air Jordan 1 often features unique designs and color schemes that represent significant achievements in the basketball legend’s life.

What’s the significance of the Jordan Defining Moments Pack 6/11?

The Jordan Defining Moments Pack 6/11 is a noteworthy release by Jordan Brand that merges two iconic Air Jordan models, the 6 and the 11. It is known for its limited availability and unique design elements.

What is the DMP Retro 11, and how does it differ from other Jordan 11 releases?

The DMP Retro 11, or Defining Moments Pack Retro 11, is a special edition of the Air Jordan 11 known for its unique color scheme. It sets itself apart from standard Jordan 11 releases with its exclusive theme and packaging.

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Defining Moments Pack
Defining Moments Pack

The ‘Defining Moments Pack’ was created to recognize what Michael Jordan wore while winning the first Championship of both of his three-peat runs with the Chicago Bulls. Gold was the theme of the entire pack as the sneakers were packaged in a two-tier glossy gold box, with a gold booklet. 

So, the DMP Jordan is not just a sneaker,  its journey from the basketball court to the cultural spotlight is a testament to the enduring legacy of Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand.

Are you ready to explore the iconic world of the Jordan 11 DMP in all its stylish glory? Head over to our website now for an exclusive look at this sneaker legend!