What is Michael Jordan’s favorite Air Jordan shoe? Jordan used to share that he wanted a shoe that he could wear with a tuxedo, so he asked for patent leather on the upper. He also loved the comfort and stability of the full-length carbon-fiber plate and Nike Air cushioning. Therefore, the eleventh silhouette came into existence. The shoe represents the legend’s greatness and elegance. 

The Air Jordan 11 is one of the most iconic and beloved sneakers in the history of basketball and fashion. It is also the personal favorite of Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time and the face of the Jordan brand. The eleventh signature silhouette is Michael Jordan’s favorite shoe because it combines style and performance.

Air Jordan 11: Early Days Storyline

michael jordan's favorite air jordan shoe
michael jordan’s favorite air jordan shoe

The Air Jordan 11 has a fascinating story behind it, as it was designed when Michael Jordan was about to retire from basketball in 1993. Hatfield started working on the shoe without knowing if Jordan would ever wear it on the court.

However, Jordan decided to come back to the NBA in 1995, and he was so impressed by the prototype of the 11 that he wore it for the entire regular season of 1995–96. This was against Nike’s wishes, as they wanted him to wear different colorways of the shoe throughout the season.

In the year of 1995–96, this season was one of the best seasons ever for Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. He also led the Bulls to a record-breaking 72-10 regular-season record, which was the best in NBA history at the time. The Air Jordan 11 became synonymous with Jordan’s greatness and dominance on the court.

Who First Designed The Air Jordan 11?

michael jordan's favorite air jordan shoe
michael jordan’s favorite air jordan shoe

The Air Jordan 11 was designed by Tinker Hatfield, who also created many other Jordan models, such as the 3, 4, and 5. The 11 was a radical departure from the previous models, as it featured a shiny patent leather upper that wrapped around the shoe. The patent leather also added durability and support to the shoe, making it suitable for basketball.

What has in that shoe? The shoe had a full-length carbon-fiber plate and full-length Nike Air cushioning, which provided stability and comfort. The shoe had a sleek and futuristic look, with a mesh upper, a translucent outsole, and a Jumpman logo on the heel. The shoe came in different colorways, such as “Concord”, “Bred”, “Space Jam”, and “Cool Grey”.

The shoe has been worn by many celebrities, athletes, and influencers over the years, such as Drake, LeBron James, Justin Timberlake, and Barack Obama.

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Why Is Air Jordan 11 Michael Jordan’s Favorite?  

michael jordan's favorite air jordan shoe
michael jordan’s favorite air jordan shoe

And when it comes to the Jordan silhouettes, it’s the ones he wore during his legendary run with the Chicago Bulls from 1984 to 1998 that are considered grails in the sneaker culture. Sneakerheads are torn as to which is the best Air Jordan model. Many say it’s the first one, some think it’s the 11s, while others have their own preferences.

But in 2014, Jordan himself had already made up his mind as far as his favorites are concerned.

“My favorites? It’s hard you know because it’s like saying which one of your kids do you like the most? 11s are my favorite, threes are my next favorite and probably the 12 or the 13 comes in third,” Jordan said during a 2014 ad that NBA2K dug up in its archives in the wake of the “The Last Dance” docuseries’ conclusion on Monday.

The Air Jordan 11 was one of the many masterpieces by designer Tinker Hatfield. It features patent leather and was created based on Jordan’s request to have a basketball sneaker that also goes well while wearing a tuxedo.

Jordan, wearing the No. 45, debuted the fan-favorite Concord 11s when he came out of retirement in 1995. It was also in the black and red (Bred) 11s where he won his fourth NBA championship on Father’s Day in 1996, his first since the tragic death of his father, James Jordan.

Jordan also said he used to wear brand new shoes every game.

“The reason I chose to do that is because if you ever was a kid, if you ever put those shoes on for the first time it’s like you feel energetic, you feel like you got something that you can actually showcase. I wanted that feeling everyday.” The 10-part series, which showed rare footage of Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during the team’s final title run during the 1997-98 NBA season, gave a glimpse of the basketball legend’s sneakers throughout the years.

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What Is Michael Jordan’s Least Favorite Shoe?

michael jordan's favorite air jordan shoe
michael jordan’s favorite air jordan shoe

When it comes to sneakers, MJ typically remained silent when questioned about his preferred or disliked footwear. However, Tinker Hatfield, the highly impactful Nike designer, once disclosed his least favored pair of shoes. Amid all of his other accomplishments with the company, where he serves as vice president for Design and Special Projects, there’s arguably nothing more closely affiliated with Hatfield than his work on Michael Jordan’s signature kicks.

This raises the question: What are Hatfield’s favorite and least favorite Jordans that he’s designed? In an interview caught up with Hatfield to ask him the question, to which Hatfield identified sneakers released within a few versions of one another.

“The 15,” Hatfield responded when asked about his least favorite sneakers. “I’ll tell you that it was toward the end of when I wanted to stop doing Jordans for a while, at least, and I just don’t think I brought that baby home quite right. The concept was good and it was sort of modern and it was meant to represent the way his tongue hangs out, the tongue of the shoe is open.”

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Hatfield went on to say that the concept of the sneaker was “worthless” because he was burned out by that point in his tenure with Nike, and in his eyes, “all concepts are worthless if you don’t follow through and execute.” But on the other side of the coin, Hatfield’s favorite shoes have a deep personal connection because of when they were designed and released.

“I think the Jordan 11 will always be the No. 1 for me because they told me to stop,” Hatfield said. “Nike said ‘No more Jordans, Michael’s not playing,’ and I begged to differ and kept it going even under threat of some kind of punishment.”

It ended up working out for Hatfield. Not only are the Jordan 11s iconic and a sneaker that still gets released by Nike in various colorways to this day, but Hatfield says M.J. himself appreciated the work he did on them while he was out of the game.

What Is Michael Jordan’s Most Expensive Shoe?

michael jordan's favorite air jordan shoe
michael jordan’s favorite air jordan shoe

You may know Air Jordan 13 sneakers sold for a record $2.2 million. The basketball legend wore them during the 1998 NBA Finals, known as “The Last Dance” because it was Jordan’s final year with the Chicago Bulls.

It may be a new world record, but now a pair of Michael Jordan’s shoes have become the most valuable sneakers ever to be sold at auction. It is Michael Jordan’s Air Ships

Jordan wore the valuable sneakers during Game 2 of the NBA Finals, where he scored 37 points as the Bulls beat the Utah Jazz, 93-88. After the game, Jordan gifted the sneakers to a longtime Jazz ball boy who maintained the visitors’ locker room.

The Bulls went on to win the 1998 NBA Finals for their sixth title of the decade in a season that has gained notoriety and inspired the ESPN and Netflix documentary “The Last Dance.”

Jordan memorabilia has been a hot commodity for auction houses such as Sotheby’s and has helped them grow their business with new, younger clients.

The auction house sold a pair of Michael Jordan’s Air Ships for $1.472 million in 2021 and last year sold a game-worn jersey from Jordan’s final season for a record-breaking $10.1 million, which became the most valuable game-worn sports memorabilia to ever be sold.

“Today’s record-breaking result further proves that the demand for Michael Jordan sports memorabilia continues to outperform and transcend all expectations,” said Brahm Wachter, Sotheby’s head of streetwear and modern collectibles.

“Sotheby’s is extremely proud to hold the world record for most valuable game-worn sports memorabilia at auction and the most valuable sneakers ever sold, both of which – to no surprise – are directly tied to the global icon, Michael Jordan.”

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FAQ: All About Michael Jordan’s Favorite Air Jordan Shoe

michael jordan's favorite air jordan shoe
michael jordan’s favorite air jordan shoe

What Is Michael Jordan’s Least Favorite Shoe?

Michael Jordan’s least favorite shoe is a topic of curiosity among fans. However, he rarely shared specific details about the shoes he didn’t like.

What Is Michael Jordan’s Favorite Shoe to Play In?

Michael Jordan had several iconic shoes throughout his career. His favorite shoe to play in may have changed over time. But many fans has shared his favorite shoe is Air Jordan 11

Tell me more about the Air Jordan 11 Concord

The Air Jordan 11 Concord is a highly regarded and popular sneaker model from the Air Jordan line. It is known for its sleek design and patent leather accents. 

What Are Vintage Adidas Shoes?

Vintage Adidas shoes refer to older, classic Adidas footwear that is no longer in production. These shoes are often sought after by collectors and fashion enthusiasts for their retro style.

What is Michael Jordan’s Favorite Animal?

Michael Jordan’s favorite animal is not widely known or publicly disclosed.

Where Can I Find Nike Jordan Shoes For Men?

Nike Jordan shoes for men are available at various retail stores, online marketplaces, and official Nike stores. They come in a wide range of styles and colorways.

Tell Me About The Michael Jordan Neon Sign

The Michael Jordan neon sign is likely a decorative item featuring neon lights in the design of Michael Jordan, often used for decoration or as a tribute to the basketball legend.

What Is Adidas Retro Style Shoes?

Adidas retro style shoes are footwear models that draw inspiration from past decades, featuring classic designs and nostalgic elements while incorporating modern comfort and materials.

What are the Jordan 11 Defining Moments Sneakers?

Jordan 11 Defining Moments is a specific colorway or edition of the Air Jordan 11, which may have been released to commemorate a significant moment in Michael Jordan’s career. These sneakers are typically highly sought after by collectors and fans.

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michael jordan's favorite air jordan shoe
michael jordan’s favorite air jordan shoe

As iconic as Michael Jordan is, so are his sneakers. The Air Jordan 11 is more than just a shoe; it is a symbol of excellence, elegance, and innovation. It is Michael Jordan’s favorite shoe because it reflects his personality and achievements. It is also a shoe that millions of fans around the world love and admire. The AJ 11 is a sneaker legend that will never go out of style.

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