When discussing sneaker grails, the Jordan 11’s is one of the first that instantly comes to mind. The shoe changed the way we look at design forever. The crisp patent leather and translucent sole showcased a balance of elegance, style and performance. Michael Jordan first unveiled them on May 7, 1995, during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals after a 17-month retirement from the NBA. Jordan brought out the 11 ‘Concord’ with the No. 45 on each heel during the Chicago Bulls’ series against the Orlando Magic.

Among the many brands and models that have left their mark on sneaker history, the Jordan 11’s stand out as a true legend.This post immerses you into the world of Jordan 11’s, especially the “Bred” color in which Michael Jordan had several significant moments wearing them during his legend NBA career. 

A Brief Success Journey Of Air Jordan 11

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

The Air Jordan 11 is a basketball shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield for Michael Jordan. It first debuted on the basketball floor in 1995 when MJ first came out of retirement. In this phase, it served as one of the main options that he wore during the season that would eventually result in his fourth championship title.

The famous picture of Jordan lying on the floor after winning the NBA Finals that year displays him wearing the popular Bred colorway. 

When it originally arrived on the market in 1996, many were drawn to its design as it was unlike anything consumers had ever seen before. The combination of ballistic mesh materials wrap-around patent leather mudguards, icy outsoles, and carbon fiber midsole plates provided a sporty-yet-formal concept.

The Jordan 11’s Design Is The Reason For Its Spotlight

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

Currently, Jordan 11’s are considered to be one of the more highly-coveted models in Jordan’s signature footwear lineage, and just so happens to be the six time champion’s favorite silhouette.

Some of its most popular versions include mid-profile colorways such as the Concords, Cool Greys, and Space Jams, as well as the Bred 11s whose last retro release back in December of 2019 was deemed Nike’s best-selling sneaker in history.

The Air Jordan 11’s introduced a design aesthetic that was revolutionary in the world of basketball sneakers. This chapter explores the distinctive features and design elements that set the Jordan 11’s apart.

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Its Patent Leather Upper

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

The most distinctive and immediately recognizable feature of the Jordan 11’s is the use of patent leather on the upper portion of the shoe. This was a groundbreaking departure from the traditional materials used in basketball sneakers, which were predominantly composed of various types of leather or synthetic materials. The introduction of patent leather brought a touch of luxury to the world of athletic footwear.

Patent leather, characterized by its glossy, mirror-like finish, was typically reserved for formal dress shoes and accessories. Its inclusion in the design of the Jordan 11’s was a bold move, symbolizing Michael Jordan’s ambition to not only excel on the basketball court but to do so in style. The sleek and shiny appearance of patent leather added a layer of sophistication that was unparalleled in the world of sports footwear at the time.

Moreover, the patent leather upper of the Jordan 11’s made a strong visual statement. It was a departure from the often bulky and clunky basketball shoes of the past, presenting a streamlined and futuristic look. The design was so striking that it transcended the realm of sports and found a place in fashion, making the Jordan 11’s a versatile choice for both athletic performance and street style.

It Used Carbon Fiber Shank Plate

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

While the patent leather upper contributed to the aesthetics and luxury appeal of the Jordan 11’s, the inclusion of a carbon fiber shank plate was a critical performance innovation. This shank plate, located in the midsole of the shoe, revolutionized the way basketball sneakers provided stability and support.

Carbon fiber, known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, was the ideal material for the shank plate. It offered a level of rigidity and responsiveness that surpassed traditional materials like plastic or rubber. The result was a sneaker that provided excellent arch support, reduced midfoot fatigue, and enhanced overall stability during athletic activities.

This innovation was particularly significant for basketball players like Michael Jordan, who relied on quick cuts, explosive movements, and precise footwork on the court. The carbon fiber shank plate gave players the confidence to push their limits, knowing that their footwear could keep up with the demands of the game.

The inclusion of this performance-enhancing feature in the Jordan 11’s not only made them a favorite among professional athletes but also set a new standard for basketball sneakers. It demonstrated Nike’s commitment to merging style and substance, a philosophy that continues to influence sneaker design to this day.

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Michael Jordan’s Jordan 11: Which Color Is The Top?

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

MJ laced up in the Jordan 11s in one of the best years of his life. The 1996 NBA season was the peak of Jordan’s celebrity. Here are a few accolades that ring off: MVP, All-Star MVP, Finals MVP, fourth championship, a then-record 72 regular season wins, a blockbuster hit with Space Jam and the release of the Jordan 11. 

While the innovative design makes the Air Jordan 11 unique, it is the colorways that really make extra special. The “Concord” dropped first, in 1995, followed by three other colorways in 1996 headlined by the ‘Bred’ colorway. Adding to the popularity was the player editions worn by NFL stars like Deion Sanders, Randy Moss and Earl Thomas and MLB stars like Derek Jeter and CC Sabathia. We can’t forget the numerous Ray Allen PE’s. 

With the Air Jordan 11 legacy, here ranked the five greatest colorways for one of MJ’s most iconic sneakers.

1. Air Jordan 11“Bred”

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

Black and red is obviously synonymous with the history of the Air Jordan line. While Jordan made bold statements with the “Concord” and “Colombia” colorways, he went back to his roots with the Air Jordan XI “Bred” during the 1995-96 NBA playoffs. The Bulls defeated the Sonics 4-2 in the NBA Finals and it was Jordan’s first championship since his retirement. The final game was also played on Father’s Day, which was MJ’s first title after his father was murdered in 1993. The “Bred” could easily be the best colorway on any other sneaker ranking.

2. Air Jordan 11″Concord”

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

In terms of aesthetics, there is probably not a better sneaker from a visual aspect. The sneaker is flawless and versatile enough to wear in any occasion—prom, wedding, or on the court, it doesn’t matter. The black/white colorway went against the wishes of Tinker Hatfield and the NBA, but when has a colorway and a fine ever stopped Jordan from wearing what he wants on the court? 

The “Concord” is a must-have grail for the ultimate sneaker collector. The shoe will return December 8, 2018, featuring the original patent leather cut, Nike Air details on the insole, the OG box it came in and, of course, the No. 45 on the heel.

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3. Air Jordan 11“Space Jam”

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

Space Jam probably is not one of the greatest movies ever but it is definitely a cult classic, and it came during a time when no star shined brighter than MJ. After leading the Bulls to their fourth NBA title, Space Jam released on November 15, 1996.

Jordan’s marketability stretched beyond any athlete and he became a pop culture figure. The Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” is considered one of the greatest Jordan’s of all-time due to its black/dark concord/white colorway, which MJ wore during the movie in the game against the “Monstars”.

4. Air Jordan 11″Cool Grey”

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

While seeing MJ in a Wizards’ jersey is still weird, 40-year-old Mike did not lose his grip when it came to shelling out new colorways. The Air Jordan “Cool Grey” instantly became one of the most sought after kicks following its 2001 debut. The grey upper with a darker grey patent leather blends in perfectly with the white midsole and the icy blue translucent outsole. This shoe is just a reminder that MJ was still giving guys buckets to the very end.

5. Air Jordan 11″Colombia”

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

The 1996 All-Star Game is peak nostalgia and perhaps the greatest roundup of sneakers worn on the same court.

Nike had a whole list of classics: Jason Kidd wore the Zoom Flight, Mitch Richmond wore the Air Max Uptempo, Penny Hardaway wore the Air Penny and Charles Barkley rocked his Nike Air Max CB34. Shaq brought out the Reebok ‘Shaqnosis’ while Grant Hill wore his FILA GH2 signature sneaker. 

It is also worth noting that Karl Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon and Glen Rice all wore some of the most random sneakers in NBA history that night, with Malone in LA Gear, Olajuwon in Splading kicks and Rice in sneakers made by Warner Bros.

But the highlight of the night was worn by MJ with the white/colombia blue Air Jordan XI colorway. The clean white-patented leather silhouette meshed well with the over-the-top All-Star jerseys.

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Michael Jordan’s Bred Air Jordan 11 Moments Collection

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

The “Bred” Air Jordan 11 is one of the most iconic and cherished sneakers in the history of sneaker culture. Michael Jordan had several significant moments wearing the Air Jordan 11 “Bred” during his illustrious NBA career. Here are a few notable moments:

1996 NBA Playoffs – Return from Retirement: Perhaps the most famous moment associated with the Air Jordan 11 “Bred” is when Michael Jordan returned from his first retirement in March 1995. He wore the Bred 11s during the 1996 NBA Playoffs, leading the Chicago Bulls to an NBA Championship. This marked Jordan’s fourth NBA title.

72-10 Season: The 1995-96 NBA season was a historic one for the Chicago Bulls. They finished the regular season with a record of 72 wins and 10 losses, the best regular-season record in NBA history at the time. Michael Jordan often wore the Air Jordan 11 “Bred” during that season, solidifying the shoe’s association with that remarkable achievement.

Space Jam: While not a moment in an actual basketball game, Michael Jordan famously wore the Air Jordan 11 “Bred” in the 1996 animated/live-action movie “Space Jam.” The shoe gained even more popularity due to its appearance in the film.

Game 4 of the 1996 NBA Finals: In Game 4 of the 1996 NBA Finals against the Seattle SuperSonics, Michael Jordan scored 23 points while wearing the Air Jordan 11 “Bred.” The Bulls went on to win the game and secure their fourth NBA championship.

NBA All-Star Game: Michael Jordan also wore the Air Jordan 11 “Bred” during the 1997 NBA All-Star Game. This further solidified the shoe’s iconic status and its connection to MJ’s legendary career.

FAQ: About Jordan 11’s

 jordan 11's
jordan 11’s

When were the Jordan 11 “Black and White” sneakers originally released?

A: The original Air Jordan 11 “Concord” was released in 1995. It has since seen several re-releases due to its enduring popularity.

Are there any differences between Jordan 11’s women’s and men’s sneakers in terms of design or fit?

While the design of the Air Jordan 11 remains largely the same, women’s sizes are generally narrower in the heel and midfoot area to provide a better fit for women’s feet.

What are some classic colorways of the Jordan 11’s men’s sizes?

Classic colorways of the Air Jordan 11 in men’s sizes include the “Bred,” “Concord,” “Cool Grey,” “Space Jam,” and various retro releases that pay homage to Michael Jordan’s career.

What is the design inspiration behind the Air Jordan 11 Retro Low ‘Cement’?

The Air Jordan 11 Retro Low ‘Cement’ draws design inspiration from the classic Air Jordan 11 silhouette but features cement gray accents and a low-cut design for a unique and stylish look.

What makes the Cool Grey Jordan 11’s special and different from other Jordan 11 colorways?

The Cool Grey Jordan 11’s feature a cool gray suede and patent leather upper, giving them a distinct and neutral appearance that’s versatile for various outfits.

Are the Women’s Air Jordan 11 Retro Midnight Navy sneakers available in extended sizes?

The availability of extended sizes may vary by retailer and region. It’s recommended to check with official Jordan Brand retailers for size options.

What are the key features of the Air Jordan Men’s 11 Retro Low Cement Grey?

The Air Jordan Men’s 11 Retro Low Cement Grey features a low-cut design with cement gray accents, offering a unique twist on the classic Air Jordan 11 silhouette.

What does “CMFT” stand for in the Air Jordan 11 CMFT Low Men’s Shoes?

“CMFT” stands for “Comfort” in the context of Air Jordan sneakers, indicating that this model prioritizes comfort without sacrificing style.

Which Air Jordan 11 models are included in the Jordan DMP 11 pack? 

The Jordan DMP 11 pack typically includes two models: the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” and the Air Jordan 11 “Bred.” Both are iconic colorways of the Air Jordan 11.

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The Air Jordan 11 is an iconic sneaker silhouette that has left an indelible mark on sneaker culture and sports history. With a classic colorway like the “Bred”available for both men and women, it has transcended its basketball origins to become a symbol of style and self-expression. The Air Jordan 11’s rich history, from Michael Jordan’s on-court moments to its presence in popular culture, continues to make it a sought-after and cherished footwear choice. 

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