What is Michael Jordan most popular shoe? The Air Jordan is arguably the most iconic basketball shoe in the world. With more than 35 styles and countless colorways, collaborations and limited editions launched since 1985, who could possibly choose a favorite? Plenty of people do, and we decided to research the best of the best Air Jordan of all time.

And here is The Air Jordan 11 – The most sought-after and recognizable sneakers in the world. This is Michael Jordan’s most hyped sneakers which is scheduled to come back this year. Let’s check it out!

Michael Jordan Most Popular Shoe: The Air Jordan 11

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

The Air Jordan 11 is indeed one of the most iconic and popular sneakers in the Air Jordan line, which is associated with the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. The sneaker was designed by legendary Nike sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield during MJ’s time playing baseball. He had kept the designs in the event that MJ would end his retirement and return to the NBA – he always wanted MJ to rock the Air Jordan 11 on court.

The timing of the Air Jordan 11’s unveiling could have not been more perfect. The elegant performance basketball sneaker dropped in 1995 following Michael Jordan’s announcement that he was returning to the NBA.

The attention around MJ was at fever pitch, as fans of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan had been awaiting his return. He cut his one-year stint playing Minor League Baseball short with a simple fax stating, “I’m back.”

Soon after his return, Michael would return to peak form within a year and soon clinched the Chicago Bulls their next three-peat, scoring championship titles in 1996, 1997 and 1998. MJ wore the Air Jordan 11, specifically in the Concord colorway, throughout his 1995-1996 season – evidence of his love for the sneaker and the colorway. This made the sneaker a symbol of MJ’s return to NBA stardom and immortalized a golden period in the sport’s history.

Air Jordan 11 Hold Its Power Until Now

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

Even now, more than 25 years later, the Air Jordan is still seen on basketball courts, red carpets and sneaker conventions all over the world. MJ and Tinker were so ahead of their time that the design and performance of the Air Jordan 11 still hold up today. Every once in a while, you will still see NBA players wear them during major games.

The frenzy surrounding AJ11s hasn’t gone away either. Whether in 1995, when it first dropped, or 2014, when raffle tickets for the Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” caused riots in Northwest Houston, Texas, the AJ11 always triggers long lines, street brawls and overall chaos among sneakerheads. That was until Nike introduced SNKRS in 2015 and began moving these coveted releases online.

A perfect combination of rich storytelling, timeless design, industry-leading performance and yearly drops have kept Air Jordan 11s at the forefront of sneaker discussions ever since it was first unveiled in 1995 ­– and there are no signs that it will ever fall out of popularity.

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Air Jordan 11 Perfectly Design Makes It Popular

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

The design of the Air Jordan 11 was the perfect marriage of performance technology and aesthetic design. The patent leather mudguard – a material Jordan had been pushed for on his shoes since the AJ IX – not only made the sneaker look more formal, it also helped stop MJ’s foot from rolling over the footbed when making quick stops or cuts as it stretched less than regular leather. It was lighter too, especially when combined with a lightweight yet durable ballistic nylon mesh to create the upper. 

There was technology hidden within it too. The futuristic translucent ‘icy’ sole concealed a carbon fiber spring plate that was stiffer and lighter than ever before meaning it generated more torque when moving on-court, alongside a full-length Nike Air sole unit for maximum cushioning. Basically, the Jordan 11 was a shoe that looked as good as it felt to play in. Although every one of MJ’s signature sneakers has its claim to be the best Air Jordan ever released, the AJ XI is one that most often tops the list and with good reason too.

Moreover, it wasn’t just the tech that had set the sneaker apart. Since Tinker wanted MJ to wear the Air Jordan 11 off the court, it was designed to look more formal than its predecessor, the Air Jordan 10. Its combination of smooth lines, wavy patent leather and simple silhouette made it perfect for dressing up or down. There must be a reason why MJ admits the AJ 11 is one of his favorite Air Jordans.

Especially when worn with a suit, the patent leather pops and lends the outfit a nice formal touch despite the fact that it’s a sneaker. Dress it down with shorts and a t-shirt, and it will look casual and comfortable. Combined with the comfort of the full-length Air Max midsole, it’s not hard to see why anyone would make the Air Jordan 11 their go-to sneaker.

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Michael Jordan’s Most Hyped Sneakers Are Coming Back This Year: Air Jordan 11 ‘DMP’

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

Former Charlotte Hornets owner and Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan changed the sneaker game forever. The releases around his shoes have caused pandemonium as fans try to ‘Be Like Mike’ and own a part of history each time a Jordan sneaker drops. Come this Christmas season, Jordan Brand will release one of their most sought-after sneakers of all-time.

Many sneakerheads will fondly remember the old days when lining up outside of a Footlocker at 3 a.m. the morning before a release was the norm. Now, sneakers sell out in mere seconds online and through third-party apps and most people don’t get a chance to rock them. Jordan Brand will release the Air Jordan 11 ‘DMP’ this upcoming holiday season for the first time since 2006.

The “Defining Moments Pack” was a two-shoe series from Jordan Brand that commemorated the 1991 and 1996 Bulls’ Championship runs. Michael famously wore the Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 11 during those times, so the Brand put a gold spin on a couple of his classic sneakers. The pack is one of the most sought-after Jordan sneakers and the 11’s haven’t been released again since.

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

The Air Jordan 11 Concord is often seen as Michael Jordan’s cleanest shoe ever and used to be extremely exclusive. In 2011, following the releases of the “Bred” and “Space Jam” colorways, Jordan Brand dropped the “Concord” version right around the Christmas holiday. The release prompted riots across the country and several sneaker stores were damaged in the process as customers tried to pile in and grab a pair.

The “DMP” Jordan 11 features all the same specs of a typical Jordan 11 Concord with a few special details. The Jumpman logo and “23” on the heel are etched in gold instead of black and white. Instead of a traditional mesh upper, this pair features premium tumbled leather and will give the shoe a quality feel. While usually icy, the soles on this pair will have a slight gold tint and resemble the natural aging of translucent soles.

The pair is set to drop sometime around the 2023 Christmas holiday. They’ll be available on Nike SNKRS App and will retail for $220 USD. Given the rarity and this being Jordan’s most hyped sneaker throughout the years, this might be a tough one to get your hands on. 

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Top 3 Popular Air Jordan Sneakers, Beside Air Jordan 11

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

These iconic shoes, a collaboration between Nike and basketball legend Michael Jordan, have changed the world of sports footwear to become a cultural phenomenon. Beside Air Jordan 11, here are top 5 most popular Air Jordan sneakers, according to sneakerheads.

1. Air Jordan I

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

With an original price tag of $65, and a current value of $30,000, these iconic first-release Air Jordans remain at the top, according to experts and fans alike. The OG Air Jordan was the very first Nike shoe to be sported by MJ on the court and the only one you’ll find with the Nike Swoosh—two reasons why it’s indisputably one of the best Jordan shoes in existence. 

The Air Jordan I is the shoe that not only started the obsession with Air Jordans that continues today but also created a major controversy when its black and red color combination broke the NBA’s 51% white regulation regarding sneakers.

A pair of Nike brand red and black Air Jordan I high top sneakers, also known as the “Notorious” Air Jordan I. It is considered as the one that started it all. “You could argue all day about which sneaker lays the most substantive claim to creating sneaker culture as we know it today, but if that argument doesn’t focus pretty damn heavily on the Air Jordan I, you’re doing something wrong. From the then-revolutionary air cushioning to the wings logo that represented the high-flying rookie, the AJ1 continues to be the holiest of grails among collectors.”

2. Air Jordan IV

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

American filmmaker and actor Spike Lee wears the Jordan IVs in the movie “Do the Right Thing,” and his white sneakers are scuffed when someone steps on them. To commemorate this, the Jordan Brand created a replica shoe complete with the scuff. 90min likes the UNDFTD colorway best, writing, “In fact, the pair is so loved that they can still fetch upwards of $15k in good condition.”

Fans prefer the Eminem x Carhartt colorway but lists UNDFTD as its second pick: “Made in collaboration with LA-based retailer UNDFTD, the Air Jordan IV UNDFTD is undoubtedly one of the most desirable and rare Air Jordans of all time.”

You probably think some sneakers belong in a museum, which is exactly what happened with the Nike Off-White Jordan 4 Sail — a very special Air Jordan 4. A collaboration between artist Virgil Abloh, founder of Milan label ‘Off-White’ and artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection, the Off-White Jordan 4 Sail first appeared in an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

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3. Air Jordan III

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

There is much to be said about this pair of Jordan III, from the memorable moment Michael Jordan flew into history wearing them, to the way they changed Nike and the brand forever. Jordan would wear this style for the NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago in 1988. He took flight in the ‘White/Cement’ pair, dunking from the free-throw line at the Slam Dunk Contest, one of the most iconic moments in sports history. 

Sneaker fans prefer the III in its Midnight Navy and University Blue colorways. “Another 2022 release that took fans of the brand by storm when it changed out the classic Nike Air branding with the Jumpman logo. This beautiful sneaker deserves its entry this high on the list, sporting the University Blue from Jordan’s distinguishable brand. The specific design is a nod to Jordan’s alma mater, UNC and is identical to the hard-to-come-by Air Jordan 4 UNC PE.

FAQ: Michael Jordan Most Popular Shoe

michael jordan most popular shoe
michael jordan most popular shoe

What Is Michael Jordan’s Least Favorite Shoe?

Michael Jordan’s least favorite shoe has not been publicly disclosed. Jordan has had numerous signature shoes, so it’s difficult to determine which one he may like the least.

What Is the Most Famous Jordan 1 Shoe?

The Air Jordan 1 “Bred” is often considered the most famous Jordan 1 shoe. It was released in 1985 and gained iconic status due to its classic black and red colorway.

What Was Michael Jordan’s Most Sold Item?

– Michael Jordan’s most sold item would likely be his signature Air Jordan sneakers, with the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 11, and other popular models contributing to high sales figures

Is Air Jordan 1 the Most Popular?

The Air Jordan 1 is indeed one of the most popular and iconic sneakers in the Air Jordan lineup. Together with AJ 11, they have a dedicated fan base and are often considered a classic yet trendy.

What Are The Best Jordan Colorways?

Some of the most popular and highly regarded colorways include classic combinations like the “Bred” (black and red), “Royal” (black and blue), and “Chicago” (red, white, and black).

What Is Jordan 11 DMP Pack?

The Jordan 11 DMP (Defining Moments Pack) is a special release that includes two Air Jordan 11 colorways: one in black and gold and the other in white and gold. 

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Michael Jordan’s most popular and iconic shoe is the Air Jordan 11.  The shoe gained immense popularity, both on and off the basketball court, and has since become a cultural and fashion icon. It paved the way for the highly successful Air Jordan line of sneakers, which includes many different models and colorways, remains one of the most sought-after and recognizable sneakers in the world.

Are you ready to step into the world of sneaker greatness? Visit our website Jordan 11 DMP.com now to explore the iconic sneaker and discover its rich history and timeless style!