Are you trying to spot Fake Jordan? As interest in Nike Jordan shoes has grown, so has the number of counterfeit Nike Jordan shoes on the market. Scammers take advantage of a buyer’s ignorance or inattention by selling him a fake pair of sneakers.

These kicks often resemble the original to an illusion. So how can we tell if we have fallen victim to a scam? Here are a number of details you can check out to confirm you’re getting an authentic pair.

Why Do People Buy Fake Jordan?

Air Jordan is a sub-brand of Nike known for its unique designs and collaboration with basketball superstar Michael Jordan. Jordan is one of the greatest players in basketball history, and his name and image have made Air Jordan a highly respected and desirable brand. Because of its popularity, many people also try to buy the fake version of it.

Although genuine Jordans are less expensive, they may still be out of their budget for some people. Counterfeit Jordans are often sold at cheaper prices, attracting consumers looking for more affordable prices on trendy shoes.

Moreover, owning a pair of Jordans may be seen as a social symbol, representing a strong connection to trends and basketball culture. As a result, people might buy knockoff Jordans to gain a sense of identity in their social circles, even though they aren’t genuine branded products.

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

Some counterfeit Jordans may also replicate the classic design of genuine Jordans, but may also feature special styles never seen on the original. This rarity and specialness may attract some consumers to buy knock-off versions because they want to own unique shoes.

Not understanding or ignoring the difference between real and fake is also one of the reasons. Some people may not understand or ignore the risks of buying counterfeit Jordan shoes. They may not be sensitive to the authenticity of the shoes, or they may be misled by dishonest sellers. People may buy counterfeit goods due to lack of knowledge.

The fast fashion culture in modern society has led to the pursuit of instant fashion products. This culture encourages fast consumption and short-term trends rather than investing in durable and high-quality products. As a result, some people may prefer to opt for cheap knockoff Jordans rather than spending more money on genuine Jordans, even if the latter are more valuable and durable in the long run.

However, buying counterfeit goods also requires an awareness of the risks involved, not only in terms of quality and durability, but also in supporting illegal and unethical counterfeiting. Therefore, people should choose to buy genuine products whenever possible to guarantee quality and support legitimate business operations.

How Fake Air Jordan Website Scams Operate?

Fake Air Jordan websites have become a pervasive issue, leaving many consumers vulnerable to deception and financial loss. These scam websites often feature sleek and visually appealing designs, mimicking the official Nike or Jordan Brand websites. They use high-quality images of genuine Air Jordan sneakers, making it difficult for unsuspecting buyers to spot the difference. This professional facade lures in potential victims.

One of the primary tactics used by fake Air Jordan websites is the promise of jaw-dropping discounts. They claim to offer authentic Air Jordans at a fraction of their retail price, enticing buyers with seemingly unbeatable deals. The allure of acquiring sought-after sneakers for less is a powerful magnet for customers.

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

Scammers go to great lengths to imitate well-known and reputable online retailers. They may create domains and website names that closely resemble popular sneaker stores, making it challenging for consumers to discern between real and fake websites. This impersonation can include using official logos, fonts, and color schemes.

Also, Fake Air Jordan websites often provide minimal or no contact information. This makes it nearly impossible for customers to seek assistance, refunds, or clarification regarding their purchases. The absence of a customer service channel is a red flag.

The descriptions and specifications of the Air Jordan sneakers on these websites are also often poorly written and riddled with grammatical errors. This reflects a lack of attention to detail and professionalism that is typical of counterfeit operations.

One of the things you should take notice of is the payment. Scammers frequently offer secure payment methods to give customers a false sense of security. They may use payment gateways and SSL certificates to appear legitimate. However, once the transaction is complete, the scammers disappear, leaving buyers with nothing.

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How To Spot Fake Air Jordan? 

Maybe you got lucky and found an amazing deal. The reality, though is it probably is too good to be true. Fakes and knock offs are getting more realistic, easily fooling the average person.

Check The Logo

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

The iconic Jordan ”Jumpman” will be the easiest way to tell if they are fakes. Look for any out of proportion areas on the logo. Also make sure the logo is in the right position, many times fakes will have the Jumpman’s arms or legs slightly different.

Also, be sure to check the logo on the tongue of the shoe. This logo should be high-quality embroidery. Many fakes will be vinyl or poor embroidery quality.

The Medial Print Method

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

The second way to spot fake Jordan 1 Off-White NRG is by looking at the medial print on the sides of the shoes. The main difference here is the thickness of the font, which on the authentic pair is much thicker. You should also pay attention to the size and placing of the medial text on your shoes. 

Counterfeit items come in all shapes and sizes, so the differences can vary. To make the authentication process easier, you should see this Jordan 1 Off-White NRG fake VS real comparison for guidance.

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Shoe Construction

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

Be sure to take careful consideration of the construction of the shoes. Look at the detail by the laces. Are they all straight, and the spaces between them even?

Also, take note of the stitching quality. Pay close attention to the heel of the shoe. If the stitching is frayed, or uneven it’s a fake.

Look for the midsole point as well. This is where the bottom of the shoe transitions to the front of the shoe. On real Jordans, the midsole point is below the last lace hole.Newer Air Jordans also have a distinct sole pattern. The Jumpman logo can be seen underneath the first clear rubber bottom

The Nike Swoosh Check

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

The Swoosh is one of the most unique details about this Nike x Off-White collaboration. Due to its originality, it is especially easy for counterfeit manufacturers to make a mistake.

Firstly, the Swoosh itself on the fake pair is longer than needed. Notice how it ends around the three lace holes. Another mistake is that it is placed too high, which is a common flaw in Jordan 1 Off-White NRG replicas.

Secondly, examine the orange tab next to the Swoosh. It should be wider and have a distinct rectangular shape. The orange stitching should be neat too.

Lastly, look at the blue threaded patch on the Swoosh. On this replica it is more tight than it should be, making the Swoosh look crooked. However, it can also be too loose depending on the counterfeit, so inspect this area carefully.

The Air Jordan Wings Logo Method

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

Next, you should take a look at the Air Jordan logo placed on the upper half of the shoe.  In this case, on the replica Jordan 1 Off-White NRG the logo appears less squeezed in, and due to that is less visible.

You should also examine the perforations surrounding the logo. They should be delicate, equal in size and placed equally apart from each other. The mistake with the fake pair is that the perforations on it are too small and barely visible.

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Check The Tag

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

The tag inside the shoe should have a nine-digit style number. You should find this number under the origin country. Check this number against the Nike website description to make sure they match.

If you can look at the box this same information should be available on the manufacturing label. This label should be located on the side of the box with the logo printed on it.

The Overall Shape Method

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

The first and most noticeable thing in most of the sneakers is their overall shape and appearance. No wonder it is so important to consider when it comes to Jordan 1 Off-White NRG authentication. 

In the comparison below you can easily spot a difference in shape of the toe box. The toe box of the fake sneakers appears larger and more upturned, giving the shoes a more massive and curved shape. The real ones are more straight and their toe box is flatter.

You should notice the difference in stitching on the suede rear panel. The color of the suede is different too.

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FAQs: All About Fake Jordan

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

How to Tell if Jordans 1 are fake?

Look for details such as the quality of materials, stitching, logos, and the overall craftsmanship of the shoe. Pay attention to any discrepancies or irregularities when compared to authentic Jordan 1s.

How to Spot Fake Jordan App?

Ensure that the app is from an official source like Nike or Jordan Brand. Beware of apps with poor user reviews, suspicious permissions requests, or those that ask for sensitive information.

How to Tell if Jordans 4 are Fake

Examine details such as the quality of the materials, the placement of logos, the design of the plastic wing eyelets, and the Air cushion unit. Any inconsistencies or deviations from genuine Air Jordan 4s may indicate a fake pair.

How many colorways of the Air Jordan DMP 11 have been released? 

The Air Jordan DMP 11 has been released in various colorways, but the most iconic version is the black and gold color scheme. This colorway is often associated with the DMP pack.

How to Spot Fake Jordan 1 Low

Pay attention to the quality of materials, the placement of logos, and the overall construction of the shoe. Examine details like the outsole and the tongue tag for any anomalies that may suggest a fake.

How to Spot Fake Jordan 1 Mid

Inspect the quality of materials, the accuracy of logos, and the overall workmanship. Carefully scrutinize features like the midsole, outsole, and tongue label for any inconsistencies that might indicate a fake.

Fake Jordan
Fake Jordan

How to Spot Fake Jordan 1 University Blue?

Examine the shade of blue on the sneakers, the quality of the leather, the placement of logos, and the accuracy of the color-blocking. Any variations from the official design could be a sign of counterfeit products.

How to Tell if Jordans are Fake by the Tag?

Check the tag for information such as the manufacturing date, SKU number, and country of origin. Compare this information with known authentic versions of the same model to identify discrepancies.

Give me Jordan 1 Authenticity Check QR Code

Scan the QR code using a reliable QR code scanner app or your smartphone’s built-in camera. This will typically direct you to a legitimate Nike or Jordan Brand website, confirming the authenticity of the product. If the QR code leads to an unfamiliar or suspicious website, it may be a sign of a fake product.

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The allure of owning authentic Air Jordans is undeniable. However, the threat of fake Air Jordan website scams requires vigilant consumer awareness. By educating yourself and staying cautious, you can protect your passion and pocketbook from these deceptive schemes.

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