How to restore Air Jordan 11 Concord? Sitting among the pantheon of the top Air Jordan silhouettes in history is the Air Jordan 11. More of a diehard fan favourite when in comparison to its counterparts such as the Air Jordan 1, 3, and 4, the 11 remains an annual jewel in the crown of sneaker releases, usually appearing within the top 10 sneakers of the year upon its conclusion. 

Among the line of Jordan 11 sneakers, the “Concord” is one of the Air Jordan line’s most iconic and beloved sneakers. Let’s take a look at the story behind and the simple, yet trendy design which made it stay timeless. Also the ways to restore Air Jordan 11 Concord, followed the most comprehensive guide.

The Story Behind The Air Jordan 11

Air Jordan 11 Concord
Air Jordan 11 Concord

The story of the 11 is a fascinating one, because it began when Michael Jordan was about to retire from the game of basketball. Due to Michael Jordan’s first retirement from the NBA in 1993, Nike had plans to discontinue his signature line after the Air Jordan X. However, while everyone else at Nike assumed the line was over, Tinker Hatfield was hard at work behind the scenes crafting the Air Jordan XI in hopes that MJ would someday make a return to the court—a gamble that paid off handsomely for the designer. 

Originally released in 1995, the Air Jordan 11 was arrived during a pivotal time in Michael Jordan’s career when he decided to return to the court following a brief two-year stint playing baseball. At the time MJ departed the NBA, the Air Jordan 9 was on the verge of release and would later be made into cleats and seen on the feet of the basketball player on a different sporting stage.

During his absence, Nike would continue to release the Air Jordan 10 despite its predecessor being met with a less-than-stellar response. Over the time Hatfield had spent with Michael Jordan designing most of the sneakers in his collection up until that point, starting with the Air Jordan 3, he had gained a close relationship with the sporting legend and understood what gave him the competitive drive that allowed him to stand above the rest.

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With this in mind, he had a grudge that MJ would in fact return to the hardwood floor and got to work on a secret Air Jordan project titled ‘Jordan Beyond’. As the name suggests, the ‘Beyond’ took the design of the Air Jordan silhouette beyond previous iterations with the inclusion of a semi-translucent outsole in conjunction with a carbon fibre shank plate in addition to the biggest selling point – the wrap-around patent leather midsole. 

Before MJ was officially shown the sneaker in his Arizona apartment by the design team at Nike which consisted of Hatfield, Ken Black and Howard White, there were rumours that Tinker had already given MJ a sneak preview of the silhouette. In an interview with Highsnobiety, Black says: 

It was the story of the tuxedo that sold the shoe to MJ; Hatfield was able to perfectly intertwine high-end performance with an intricate design that allowed the sneaker to be worn both on and off the court. 

How Is Air Jordan 11 Designed?

Air Jordan 11 Concord
Air Jordan 11 Concord

While Peter Moore (designer of the Air Jordan 1) and Bruce Kilgore (designer of the Air Force 1) had attempted a similar feat back in 1987 with the Air Jordan 2, combining luxury and performance, it was Tinker that managed to perfect the combination. And so, the conceptual ‘Jordan Beyond’, officially became the Air Jordan 11 and on the 18th of March 1995, MJ simply announced: “I’m Back”

Starting from the bottom, the foundation of the AJ11 would be carbon fiber. Extracted from football and speed skating, the composite material said to be five times stronger than steel and twice as stiff. In practice, carbon fiber was known for creating torsion and propulsion when put to play. Because of this, Hatfield pondered that if carbon fiber could make a wide receiver quicker on their cuts and a rollerblader more explosive in their strides

These firsts include the use of a full-length carbon-fibre plate specifically developed for the XI. Leveraging high-speed footage of athletes’ footwear in action, Hatfield landed on this idea after noticing some basketball shoes were too flexible, causing bigger athletes to over-flex. Coupling that insight with his experience playing American football in high school, Hatfield began prototyping and developing a plate for the XI.

Pulling a page from his running resume, Tinker exposed the tech oh so slightly on the outsole, offering somewhat of an homage to what he did with Air back in ‘87 on the original Air Max 1. Hawking from another hit, the 11 would also feature a translucent outsole, amplifying the attribute introduced on the Air Jordan 5.

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Air Jordan 11 Concord
Air Jordan 11 Concord

On the mudguard, flash and function would collide like never before. According to Abe Schwadron of SLAM fame, Mike had long asked for a flashier, shinier shoe. This claim has credence as Hatfield once told Nick DePaula in a piece for Sole Collector that MJ had been wanting shinier shoes for at least three years. 

Adhering to his muse, Hatfield made the mudguard patent leather which proved as dapper as a dress shoe and as durable as a work boot. Just as Hatfield introduced exotic elephant print on the Air Jordan 3 to keep Mike at Nike, he wowed MJ once again on the second model set to keep the line alive.

All that innovation under the hood and on the hood was enough to change the industry, and it did. However, Hatfield had even loftier goals. He wanted the upper to be laceless, like a sock, with intentions to implement stretch mesh and a molded collar up top. 

While certain samples appeared as such, the eventual production model met in the middle by using strong, shiny nylons and meshes made for forward-thinking backpacks and settling for speed lacing.

Air Jordan 11 Concord Release Date And Colorways

Air Jordan 11 Concord
Air Jordan 11 Concord

In 1995 the Air Jordan 11 debuted with the “Concord” colorway. It was the first Air Jordan model to feature a carbon fiber midfoot shank plate and patent leather. Despite the additional colourways that ensued over 1996, MJ still chose to don the original ‘Concord’ throughout the ‘95-’96 season, a move that at the time seemed slightly left field with players changing sneakers almost every half. 

Following the four additional colourways of the Air Jordan 11 in 1996, it wasn’t until four years later that Jordan Brand would return to releasing further colourways with the debut of the Air Jordan 12 taking place just a year after the 11. 

2000-’01 saw 12 colourways and variants of the Air Jordan 11 release featuring a set of two-tone colourways in addition to snakeskin versions. The two-year period also debuted the first women’s exclusive sizes in conjunction with the return of the fan favourite ‘Columbia’ colourway and the introduction of the first ‘Cool Grey’. 

As years have gone past, the Air Jordan 11 has seen fewer and fewer releases each year, with most of the later releases focusing around bringing back original designs such as 2021’s ‘Cool Grey’. Nevertheless, the AJ11 did continue to represent key moments in pop culture with the release of the 2009 ‘Space Jam’ Air Jordan 11 seen donned by MJ himself in the cult classic 1996 film ‘Space Jam’. 

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Air Jordan 11 Concord
Air Jordan 11 Concord

Since its release, the Air Jordan 11 has remained a fan favourite within the ever growing roster of silhouettes. As time has passed, so too has the fanfare surrounding the once mystifying model. Fans have since become accustomed to the classic December release which sees Jordan Brand provide a special pair, usually a retro of a past favourite. 

In the past two years, we’ve seen the return of the Air Jordan 11 ‘Jubilee’ in 2020 as well as the aforementioned fan favourite ‘Cool Grey’ in 2021. For 2022, Jordan Brand is serving up the ‘Varsity Red’, also known as ‘Cherry’, colourway. 

Featuring simple colour blocking, the ‘Cherry’ 11’s, set for official release on the 10th of December, include all the classic features that fans of the model would expect with a clean white midsole tying into the bright upper and lacing system boldly broken up by the infamous patent leather section wrapping around the shoe which matches the red sock liner and bold Jumpman logo on the heel. Sitting atop the similarly usual semi-translucent outsole moulded with red traction points and a red carbon fibre shank plate, the release is perfectly simple. 

How To Restore Air Jordan 11 Concord?

Air Jordan 11 Concord
Air Jordan 11 Concord

Restoring a pair of Air Jordan 11 Concord sneakers can breathe new life into them and keep them looking fresh. Here are the steps to restore your Air Jordan 11 Concord shoes:

Preparing for Restoration

To begin the restoration process, gather the necessary materials. You’ll need a small amount of mild dish soap or specialized sneaker cleaner, a soft bristle brush or toothbrush, warm water, and a microfiber or soft cloth. These items will help you clean the sneakers and prepare them for any necessary touch-ups. Additionally, if you plan to repaint any scuffed areas, ensure you have the appropriate white or black shoe paint and a small paintbrush at hand. Finally, consider white or black replacement laces if your current laces are too worn.

Cleaning and Repair

The first step in restoring your Air Jordan 11 Concord sneakers is cleaning. Mix the mild dish soap or sneaker cleaner with warm water and dampen a soft cloth or brush in the soapy solution. Gently scrub the patent leather and fabric upper to remove dirt and stains. Take care not to oversaturate the sneakers with water, as excessive moisture can harm the materials. You can also use this solution to clean the midsole and outsole, scrubbing away dirt and stains. To tackle scuff marks on the patent leather, you may use a special patent leather cleaner or even a pencil eraser, rubbing gently until the marks begin to fade.

Air Jordan 11 Concord
Air Jordan 11 Concord

Finishing the Restoration

Once you’ve cleaned the sneakers, remove any scuffs, and repaired minor damage, the final steps in the restoration process involve repainting and maintaining the overall appearance. If you find deep scuffs or areas where the patent leather has worn down, apply white or black shoe paint that matches the color of your sneakers. Layer the paint carefully, allowing it to dry thoroughly between coats. 

If your laces are discolored or dirty, soak them in soapy water and scrub with a toothbrush before rinsing and air drying. Consider replacing worn laces with new, clean ones in either white or black, depending on your preference. Once the restoration is complete, let the sneakers air dry completely and store them in a cool, dry place to protect them from future damage. Keep in mind that while restoration can significantly improve the appearance of your sneakers, some signs of natural aging may remain.

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FAQ: All About Air Jordan 11 Concord

Air Jordan 11 Concord
Air Jordan 11 Concord

What are the key features of the Air Jordan 11 Concord White sneakers?

The Air Jordan 11 Concord White sneakers feature a clean white colorway with black patent leather accents and the iconic Jumpman logo. They are known for their classic and sleek design.

When was the Air Jordan 11 Concord release date?

The Air Jordan 11 Concord was released on December 8, 2018, as part of the holiday season Jordan Brand lineup.

Are there Air Jordan 11 Concord Black sneakers available in colorway?

No, the Air Jordan 11 Concord is primarily known for its white and black color scheme. There is no official “Concord Black” version of this model.

Are Air Jordan 11 Concord Men sneakers available in sizes?

Yes, the Air Jordan 11 Concord is available in men’s sizes and is a popular choice among male sneaker enthusiasts.

What is the difference between the Air Jordan 11 Concord and the Air Jordan 11 Low Concord?

The Air Jordan 11 Low Concord is a low-top version of the classic Air Jordan 11. It features the same white and black color scheme but in a lower profile.

Are there different variations of the Air Jordan 11 Low Concords?

There have been different low-top Air Jordan 11 releases, but the “Concord” colorway specifically refers to the white and black edition, which is a highly sought-after style.

Are there Air Jordan 11 Concord sneakers available for women?

Yes, the Air Jordan 11 Concord is available in women’s sizes, making it a popular choice for female sneaker enthusiasts as well.

Air Jordan 11 Concord
Air Jordan 11 Concord

What distinguishes the Jordan 11 Low SE Concord from other Air Jordan 11 models?

The Jordan 11 Low SE Concord may feature special edition details or materials that set it apart from the standard Air Jordan 11 Low, but it maintains the same iconic color scheme.

What is the “Dark Concord” version of the Jordan 11?

The “Dark Concord” is not a traditional colorway of the Air Jordan 11. However, it may refer to custom or modified versions of the shoe where the classic white and black colors are altered or customized to create a “Dark Concord” look.

How many colorways of the Air Jordan DMP 11 have been released? 

The Air Jordan DMP 11 has been released in various colorways, but the most iconic version is the black and gold color scheme. This colorway is often associated with the DMP pack.

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The Air Jordan 11 Concord is one of the Air Jordan line’s most iconic and beloved sneakers. It was the original colorway of the Air Jordan XI released in 1995 and has since become a classic in sneaker culture. Michael Jordan was so taken with the XI’s design that he defied Nike and Tinker Hatfield by wearing Concord samples during the 1995 NBA playoffs. This decision changed the game for Jordan and the sneaker industry. The XI’s became an instant classic and are still among today’s most sought-after sneakers.

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