Air Jordan Release Dates: A Sneakerhead’s Calendar

Along with the Air Jordan Release Dates: The Air Jordan 1 made its debut back in 1985, marking the beginning of what would become the most successful line of sneakers associated with a specific athlete in history. Every year since then, NIKE, Inc. has introduced fresh designs as part of the Air Jordan collection, which bears the name of basketball legend Michael Jordan. Additionally, the Jordan Brand, a subsidiary that was established on September 9th, 1997, has also been releasing its own distinctive designs.
Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates
The flagship model in the current Air Jordan lineup is the Air Jordan 37, while a plethora of retro styles based on past models continue to enjoy immense popularity among sneaker enthusiasts. Notable among these are the Air Jordan 4, which debuted in 1989, and the Air Jordan 11, introduced in 1995.
The term “New Jordans” typically refers to unreleased variations of the initial 23 sneakers in Michael Jordan’s signature collection. However, it also encompasses footwear branded with the Jumpman logo, such as the Jordan Luka 1 and Jordan Zion 2. In addition to basketball performance shoes, Jordan Brand collaborates on lifestyle products with influential figures in music, sports, and fashion, including Travis Scott, A Ma Maniére, Union Los Angeles, J BALVIN, Aleali May, and others.
Michael Jordan’s legacy extends far beyond the basketball court, and it has thrived over the past 37 years, with numerous significant moments and stories brought to life through new Jordan releases. Nostalgia has played a pivotal role in keeping the legacy of the Chicago Bulls icon relevant across different generations. ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary series, which aired in early 2020, notably contributed to the resurgence of interest in the Air Jordan line.
Looking ahead, you’ll find a comprehensive list of upcoming release dates for Michael Jordan’s eponymous brand. It’s anticipated that the brand’s popularity will continue to grow throughout 2023. It’s worth noting that delays are not uncommon in the world of sneakers, so it’s advisable to regularly check this Jordan Release Dates 2023 page to stay informed about all upcoming releases, whether they are original models or new variations.
The sneaker market boasts an impressive valuation of over $131.1 billion, and it’s expected to surge to a staggering $215.6 billion by 2031, as per forecasts. Prominent names in the sneaker industry encompass Nike, adidas, and PUMA, but companies like New Balance, ASICS, and Li Ning Co. have witnessed a significant surge in popularity since 2020. Frequent sneaker release dates occur across various brands, with some of the most sought-after “drops” taking place globally from Thursday through Saturday.
Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates
When you perform an internet search for “Sneaker Release Dates,” you’ll encounter a vast pool of information, with well over 20 million results. This is precisely why Sneaker News is committed to providing you with a thoughtfully curated selection of some of the most renowned, influential, and underrated sneakers on the market.
It’s important to note that delays have become commonplace over the past few years, which means that all the information presented here is subject to change at a moment’s notice. To ensure you stay well-informed about all upcoming releases in 2023 and beyond, we encourage you to check out our latest blogs at
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The Birth of Air Jordan

Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates

Before we dive into the release dates, let’s take a brief journey back to the origins of Air Jordan. The year was 1984, and Michael Jordan had just signed a groundbreaking deal with Nike. Little did anyone know that this partnership would change the sneaker industry forever.

“It’s Gotta Be the Shoes!”

These famous words, uttered by a young Michael Jordan in a series of iconic commercials, marked the beginning of something extraordinary. In 1985, the very first Air Jordan model, the Air Jordan 1, hit the market. Designed by Peter Moore, this shoe was a bold departure from the conventional white sneakers that dominated the basketball scene.

Quote: “I wasn’t really a sneaker guy before the Air Jordan 1. It was the first shoe that transcended the game of basketball.” – Sneaker Enthusiast

The Air Jordan 1’s black and red color scheme was so audacious that it actually violated NBA uniform regulations. Jordan would wear them anyway, resulting in fines of $5,000 per game. Nike capitalized on this controversy, turning it into a marketing campaign that gave birth to the nickname “Banned.” This rebellious spirit only fueled the desire of sneakerheads to own a pair.

When it comes to sneaker enthusiasts, there’s always excitement in the air whenever new Michael Jordan shoes hit the market. The latest Jordan sneaker releases, such as the new Air Jordan shoes, continue to capture the attention of avid collectors and fans alike. The legacy of Air Jordan extends beyond just footwear; it’s a cultural phenomenon. With each release of new Jordan sneakers, the anticipation and demand for AirJordan products soar. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Air Jordam or just starting to explore the world of sneakers, the allure of Air.Jordan is undeniable. Among the most coveted releases is the new Jordan 1, a timeless classic that stands out among the crowd of Air Jorddans and other variations. Stay on top of the game with the latest Jodans and be the first to rock the new Jordans 1, a true gem in the world of sneaker fashion.

Air Jordan 1: A Game-Changer

Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates

The Air Jordan 1, released on April 1, 1985, was nothing short of revolutionary. Unlike previous basketball shoes, it featured a bold and colorful design, deviating from the conventional white or black sneakers. The red and black color scheme, initially perceived as controversial, caught the attention of fans and athletes alike. It didn’t take long for the Air Jordan 1 to dominate both the courts and the streets.

Michael Jordan’s iconic “banned” sneakers, the black and red Air Jordan 1, became a symbol of rebellion. The NBA famously banned these sneakers, stating they violated the league’s uniform policy. Nike capitalized on this controversy with the slogan: “On Oct. 15, Nike created a revolutionary new basketball shoe. On Oct. 18, the NBA threw them out of the game. Fortunately, the NBA can’t keep you from wearing them. Air Jordans. From Nike.”

The Air Jordan 1’s instant success paved the way for future releases, setting a precedent for Air Jordan release dates. Michael Jordan’s unparalleled charisma and on-court excellence further fueled the demand for his signature sneakers. The Air Jordan brand rapidly expanded its horizons, transcending the boundaries of sports and penetrating pop culture.

“For a kid, it was almost like owning a lightsaber from Star Wars. You needed that shoe to be like him. It was more than a status symbol – you know that this guy was the guy.” – Rapper Nas on the Air Jordan 1.

The Evolution of Air Jordan Release Dates

Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates

Over the years, Air Jordan release dates have become a highly anticipated event, not just among basketball fans but also among sneakerheads worldwide. Michael Jordan’s retirement from professional basketball in 2003 did nothing to dampen the brand’s appeal; in fact, it continued to thrive, with new generations of enthusiasts fueling its popularity.

In the late 1990s, as fashion trends shifted towards retro styles, Nike capitalized on the classics by reissuing previous Jordan models. Resale sneaker sites like StockX and GOAT emerged, offering a marketplace for vintage Jordans. Designers like Kim Jones and Virgil Abloh elevated the Air Jordan 1 into a high-fashion item, further enhancing its desirability.

Today, each new Air Jordan release date brings fresh innovations and designs, maintaining the brand’s relevance and appeal. The Jumpman logo, originally designed by Peter Moore, has become an iconic symbol, adorning jerseys, clothing, and a myriad of products.

Take a look at college football teams sporting the Jumpman logo on their jerseys or musicians donning specially designed Jordan Brand shoes on stage. These sightings highlight the brand’s enduring influence and its seamless integration into various facets of culture.

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The Sneakerhead’s Ritual: Air Jordan Release Dates

Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates

For sneakerheads, Air Jordan release dates are akin to holidays. These dedicated enthusiasts eagerly await the announcement of each new release, meticulously planning their strategies to secure a pair. While the process has evolved over the years, with online releases and raffles replacing traditional in-store campouts, the thrill remains the same.

“I remember the excitement of camping outside stores with fellow sneakerheads, hoping to be among the lucky few to get our hands on the latest Air Jordans. It’s not just about the shoes; it’s about the culture and community that surrounds them.” – Avid sneaker collector.

The Hype Surrounding Air Jordan Release Dates

Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates

One cannot discuss Air Jordan release dates without acknowledging the immense hype that accompanies each drop. The limited availability, unique colorways, and the Jordan legacy contribute to the frenzy. Sneakerheads often engage in a mix of strategy and luck to secure their coveted pairs.

In 2012, a sneaker enthusiast questioned the authenticity of the “banned” Air Jordan narrative. The legend claimed that the NBA fined Michael Jordan $5,000 for wearing these sneakers, a fee supposedly covered by Nike. However, closer inspection revealed that the shoes worn by Jordan during that time were not the Air Jordan 1 but a different model called the Air Ship. This revelation, while not diminishing the brand’s appeal, added an intriguing layer to the Air Jordan legacy.

The Future of Air Jordan Release Dates

Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates

As we look to the future, one thing is certain: Air Jordan release dates will continue to captivate sneaker enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike. With each new release, the brand pushes the boundaries of design and innovation, ensuring its relevance for generations to come.

In 2021, Sotheby’s auctioned “Michael Jordan’s Earliest Known Regular Season Nikes | Game Worn & Signed Air Ships” for a staggering $1,472,000, making them the most expensive sneakers ever sold at auction. This remarkable feat underscores the enduring value of Air Jordan footwear.

A Comprehensive Guide to Air Jordan Release Dates

Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates
From the Air Jordan 6 ‘Midnight Navy’ to the ‘Brotherhood’ Air Jordan 1, here’s your ultimate resource for all the forthcoming Air Jordan release dates in 2022.
The undeniable appeal of Air Jordans shows no signs of waning. With a constant stream of new sneaker releases, even the most seasoned sneakerheads can find it challenging to keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape of Air Jordans release dates.
Jordan Brand continues to unveil iconic original colorways cherished by fans, alongside fresh iterations of classics. If you’re tired of missing out on releases because they slipped under your radar, or if you simply lack the time to sift through cluttered release lists, fret not. To help you stay in the loop with the releases that truly matter, we’ve got you covered with a Comprehensive Guide to Air Jordan Release Dates.
Our guide will receive regular updates with the latest Air Jordan release date information. Take a glimpse at the Air Jordans set to hit the market from this weekend and well into 2022 to plan your acquisitions. Additionally, for a more in-depth look at these releases, don’t forget to explore the Sole Collector app.
Air Jordan 1 High ‘True Blue’
Release Date: 02/04/23
Style Code: DZ4864-100
Price: $150
Union LA x Air Jordan 1 KO Low DO8912 101 Lateral
Release Date: 02/04/23
Style Code: DZ4864-100​​​​​​​
Price: $150
Air Jordan 5 Women’s ‘Dunk on Mars’
Release Date: 01/14/23
Style Code: DD9336-800
Price: $200
Air Jordan 2 ‘Lucky Green’
Release Date: 02/03/23
Style Code: DR8884-103​​​​​​​
Price: $180
Air Jordan 4 ‘Craft’
Release Date: 02/11/23
Style Code: DV3742-021
Price: $210
Air Jordan 5 ‘Aqua’
Release Date: 02/04/23
Style Code: DD0587-047
Price: $200
A Ma Maniere x Air Jordan 12
Release Date: 2023
Style Code: DV6989-001
Price: $225
Union x Air Jordan 1 KO Low
Release Date: 02/04/23
Style Code: DZ4864-100
Price: $150
Union LA x Air Jordan 1 KO Low DO8912 101 Lateral
Release Date: 02/04/23
Style Code: DZ4864-101
Price: $150
Air Jordan 4 Women’s ‘Oil Green’
Release Date: 02/09/23
Style Code: AQ9129-103
Price: $200

Air Jordan Release Dates 2023: Your Sneaker Calendar

Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates
Prepare to lace up your sneakers and jot down these important dates because the Air Jordan release dates for 2023 have just been unveiled! Sneaker enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the latest and greatest Jordan releases, and the excitement is entirely justified.
With fresh Jordan sneakers hitting the shelves throughout the year, 2023 is shaping up to be an exceptionally thrilling year for sneakerheads. From timeless classics to bold new color schemes, the Air Jordan release dates in 2023 are a cause for celebration. Get ready to elevate your sneaker game and stay in the know about the newest drops from the iconic Air Jordan brand.
Check out the highlights:
**Full of Sneaker Release Dates**
**Nike Release Dates**
**Nike Dunk Release Dates**
**Air Jordan Release Today**
**Air Jordan Shoes Just Released in 2023**
Now, let’s take a closer look at the release dates for the coming months:
**May 02**: Jordan Luka 1 “Dogs”
**May 04**:
– Air Jordan 2 WMNS “Cool Grey”
– Air Jordan 37 Low “Nothing But Net”
**May 06**:
– Air Jordan 2 Retro “Neutral Grey”
– Air Jordan 1 High OG “White Cement”
**May 10**: Jordan Air Ship “Every Game”
**May 11**: Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS “Yellow Snakeskin”
**May 12**:
– Jordan Tatum 1 “Barbershop”
– Jordan Stadium 90 “White/Black”
**May 13**: Air Jordan 4 “Thunder”
**May 17**: Air Jordan 5 Retro SE “Craft”
**May 18**: Air Jordan 3 WMNS “Lucky Green”
**May 20**: Air Jordan 1 High OG “Next Chapter”
**May 24**: Air Jordan 6 Retro “Toro”
**May 25**:
– Air Jordan 1 Low OG EX “Coconut Milk”
– Jordan AJKO 1 “Bleached Aqua”
**May 26**: Air Jordan 14 Retro “Laney”
**May 27**:
– Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Craft “Vibrations Of Naija”
– Air Jordan 5 Low GS “Crafted For Her”
**Air Jordan 6 Low Golf “Bordeaux”**
– Colorway: White/Bordeaux-White
– Style: DV6796-116
– Release Date: April 04, 2023
– Price: $220
**Jordan Tatum 1 “Zoo”**
– Colorway: Black/Metallic Gold-University Red-Beach
– Style #: DX5572-001
– Release Date: April 7, 2023
– Price: $120
**Air Jordan 2 Low Craft “Seersucker”**
– Colorway: Seersucker/Pale Vanilla-White-Photon Dust
– Style #: DX6930-600
– Release Date: April 8, 2023
– Price: $150
**Air Jordan 1 High OG “Skyline”**
– Colorway: Vivid Orange/Black-Iced Lilac-True Blue-Sail
– Style #: DX0054-805
– Release Date: April 8, 2023
– Price: $180
**Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Lucky Green”**
– Colorway: Black/Lucky Green-White
– Style #: DZ5485-031
– Release Date: April 15, 2023
– Price: $180
**Jordan Tatum 1 “St. Louis”**
– Colorway: White/University Red-University Blue-University Gold
– Style #: DX5573-100
– Release Date: April 18, 2023
– Price: $120
**Air Jordan 1 High OG WMNS “Washed Pink”**
– Colorway: Atmosphere/White/Muslin/Sail
– Style #: FD2596-600
– Release Date: April 22, 2023
– Price: $180
**Air Jordan 13 Retro “Black Flint”**
– Colorway: Black/University Red/Flint Grey/White
– Style #: DJ5982-060
– Release Date: April 22, 2023
– Price: $200
**Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Olive”**
– Colorway: Sail/University Red/Black/Medium Olive
– Style #: DZ4137-106
– Release Date: April 26, 2023
**Air Jordan 3 “Wizards”**
– Colorway: White/Metallic Copper-True Blue-Cement Grey
– Style #: CT8532-148
– Release Date: April 29, 2023
– Price: $210
But the excitement doesn’t end here; there are more thrilling releases to come in 2023. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the horizon:
**June 01**: Teyana Taylor x Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT 2 “A Rose From Harlem”
**June 10**:
– Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Washed Heritage”
– Air Jordan 3 GS “Hide ‘N Sneak”
**June 16**: Air Jordan 2 Retro Low “Cherrywood”
**June 20**: Jordan Tatum 1 “Pink Lemonade”
**June 23**: Air Jordan 1 Low OG “Black Cement”
**June 24**: Air Jordan 6 Retro “Toro”
**June 30**: Air Jordan 7 “White Infrared”
And there’s even more to look forward to in the months ahead.


Air Jordan Release Dates
Air Jordan Release Dates

What Air Jordan will be released in 2023?

Jordan Brand typically releases a wide range of sneakers throughout the year. To find specific information about the Jordan releases for 2023, it’s best to refer to official sources like the Jordan Brand website, sneaker news websites, or follow Jordan Brand’s social media accounts. They regularly update fans on upcoming releases, including the models and release dates.

What time do Air Jordan usually release?

Jordan releases typically occur between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the United States. However, the exact release time can vary depending on the retailer and the specific release. Some releases may occur at midnight, while others could be during regular business hours. It’s essential to check with the retailer or Jordan Brand’s official channels for the precise release time for a particular shoe.

What Air Jordan shoes are coming out for Christmas 2023?

The Jordan Brand often releases special edition sneakers for the holiday season, including Christmas. The specific Jordans for Christmas 2023 may vary, and the brand usually announces them closer to the holiday season. To stay updated on the Christmas releases, keep an eye on sneaker news websites, official Jordan Brand channels, and the Jordan Brand website as the holiday season approaches.

How often does Air Jordan re-release shoes?

Jordan Brand frequently re-releases popular retro models. These re-releases, often referred to as “retro drops,” allow fans to purchase iconic Jordan sneakers that may have originally released years ago. The frequency of these re-releases can vary. Some models may receive multiple retro drops over the years, while others might have more extended periods between re-releases. Jordan Brand typically announces retro drops in advance, so fans can plan accordingly.

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So, gear up to enhance your sneaker game because the Air Jordan 11 Low Release Date 2023 and other exciting releases for the year are rapidly approaching. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or simply a fan of stylish footwear, make sure to mark your calendars and stay updated on the latest releases to secure your favorite kicks before they fly off the shelves. Elevate your style with the freshest Air Jordans in 2023 at
In conclusion, Air Jordan release dates represent more than just opportunities to acquire stylish sneakers; they symbolize a cultural phenomenon that has left an indelible mark on the world of fashion and sports. As Michael Jordan himself once said, “I can accept failure.Everyone fails at something.
But I can’t accept not trying.” The Air Jordan brand embodies this ethos, continuously striving for greatness and innovation, ensuring that its release dates remain some of the most anticipated moments in sneaker history. So, gear up, mark your calendars, and get ready to chase that Jumpman on the next Air Jordan release date.